Growing up in Texas, my dad Charlie would never pass up the opportunity to pull over and try the low and slow BBQ that was being served in the various "que joints" across the state. From large chains to a small trailer on the corner, we tried them all.  

It was during this time that I learned a true appreciation for the art and burnt my first brisket in 1983 at 18 years of age. After 25 years of burning meat in the backyard, a passion for cooking and competition led me to dive into competitive barbeque.  Founded in 2009 and named after my dad who passed away in 2005, Pappa Charlie’s competed in multiple competitions across various states to include, Alabama, Arizona, California, Nevada, Missouri and Texas.


In 2014, Pappa Charlie’s Barbecue took to the streets in a 20 foot trailer. Selling Que at local bars, sporting events and festivals, the public began to take notice and so did the media. Receiving acclaim from Daniel Vaughn of Texas Monthly, Eric Sandler of Culture Map and JC Reid of the Houston Chronicle, we decided it was time to take the next step.  Our first Brick and Mortar restaurant was opened in October of 2015.